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Mnichovské Hadce Educational Trail

Around Křížky, and more generally in the area between Prameny and Mnichov, you’ll find one of the most interesting natural areas in the Slavovský Forest. The newly-created educational trail introduces visitors to the largest serpentinite complex in Bohemia as well as one of the most interesting areas in the central part of the Slavkovský Forest protected area.

Serpentinite is a metamorphic mineral which was formed by the transformation of strongly alkaline minerals. The rock outcrops are home to a rare community of flora, including the endemic plant Cerastium alsinifolium, found nowhere else in the world. The serpentinite occurrence has also influenced the composition of underground water and springs which occur here in plentiful amounts as the information boards along the trail will tell you.

There are 9 panels over the twelve-kilometer length of the trail. The Mnichovské Hadce educational trail was not conceived merely as a classic nature trail only leading through the terrain. Individual parts of the trail can be covered independently of each other, and since it leads mostly along asphalt roads, it’s also suitable for bicycles. The educational trail was built by the Kladská branch of the Czech Union of Nature Protectors.

Serpentinite is a grey-green mineral with a composition that has a fundamental influence on the plant and animal community wherever it forms a geologic base. It was used widely by stone-masons, probably because its color is reminiscent of snakeskin. It was used for making crosses, monuments, dishes, cups, and vases.

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