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Chodová Planá

The small town of Chodová Planá is best known for the Chodovar Brewery, the oldest in West Bohemia.

The first written record of Chodová Planá dates back to 1573. However, it's pretty obvious that beer had been brewed in the town long before that. The original 14th century lager cellars, carved in rock, are still used to complete the fermentation process of the local brew and provide proof of Chodová Planá's long history. In a section of the brewery cellars, you will find a small brewing industry museum and a large cave restaurant. They are accessible via a 40m-long passageway cut through the solid rock; in the town centre visitors can take a look inside the rooms where the beer completes the fermentation process in large barrels.

Getting There: by direct train from Mariánské Lázně, by car (11 minutes)

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