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Bag of Flour - Moučné pytle

The Moučné Pytle natural monument is located on Jelení Hill (644 meters high) on the green marked trail from Karlovy Vary to Horní Slavkov, about 1 km from the Bor gamekeeper’s lodge.

This is a typical ‚ice cabin‘ formed by block cleating during weathering of a granite peak rock outcropping. The formation is very typically formed, meaning that there is no similar formation in the protected landscape area as per range and shape. The growth is dominated by spruce with a mixture of pine and fir, younger growth includes birch, sycamore, oak, and beech. The older spruces grow among the rock formation itself.

Basic Information


Natural formation


650 - 680 m above sea level

Extent of specially protected area

0.61 hectares

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