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To Kladská

A bike ride to Kladská via Smraďoch bog and the village of Prameny, ending at the Bear Spring back in Mariánské Lázně.

Elevation profile
Total descent and ascent
Total descent0 m
Total ascent0 m
Estimated time2:30 hour
Length29 km
Route difficultyMedium
Starting PointTřebízského street, Mariánské LázněDestination PointTyršova street by Town Swimming pool, Mariánské lázně
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The starting point is at the Forest Spring in Třebízského Street. After climbing the steep hill around the dam you'll arrive at a rest area behind the abandoned Nimrod Hotel. The route takes you through the Slavkovský Forest to Smraďoch nature reserve where smelly gas emerges from the ground. Sample the Farská Kyselka spring then head to the village of Prameny. In Prameny you can drink more mineral water at the Gisela and Rudolf springs which you'll find in the woods on the lefthand side of the road leading to Kladská. After 4.5km you will reach the peat lake at Kladská. From Kladská the route returns to Mariánské Lázně along forest roads to the Balbin spring and Bear spring. From there it is about 1km to Tyršova street in Mariánské Lázně.

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